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i-Lipo 1
i-Lipo 1
Remove fat,
     reduce inches,
          reclaim your shape.


Welcome to Game Point Sports Center’s Lipo Laser Treatment.
The Lipo Laser is a clinically proven new treatment that uses low level/cold laser technology (LLLT) that painlessly reduces inches, removes stubborn body fat and restores natural body contours.
Lipo Laser is a revolutionary, non-invasive alternative to costly liposuction.  There is no discomfort, bruising or downtime.  
The Lipo Laser works with a patented cold laser conductor that is placed on the skin against difficult areas  for treatment.  Fat cells are significantly reduced in size allowing for enhanced body contour results.
Laser Lipo treatments liquefy fats, releasing essential triglycerides (water, fatty acids and glycerol) from the adipose tissue (fat soring cells) passing it through the body’s lymphatic system to be used for energy or passed out of the body during its normal course of detoxification. 
FDA approved, clinically proven, totally safe and effective non-invasive low level laser fat removal technology available today.
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Game Point 5 Step Program
The system for Spot Fat reduction, Inch Loss & Body Sculpting.

 1. Private Consultation

 2. Detoxification

 3. Laser Treatment

 4. Exercise

 5. Nutrition

1. Private Consultation—We’ll discuss your personal goals and lifestyle and adapt a suitable
    plan for you.  
2. Detoxification—A clean lymphatic system will enhance the removoval of triglycerides during
    treatment.  We’ll discuss suitable cleansing treatments before your first session.
3. Laser Treatment.  
4. Exercise—We’ll discuss a custom exercise plan to  aid in the removal of triglycerides.
5. Nutrition —we will guide you through a healthy nutritional and meal plan to maximize your
    detox, laser treatments and exercise program.